Bridging Analytical Gaps - Welcome to Intelligence Analysis, Incorporated

Bridging Analytical Gaps
Bridging Analytical Gaps

    Everything Intel

    In addition to straight-up all-source intelligence analysis, we have verifiable past performance in all aspects of Intelligence support, including: 

    • OPLAN and CONPLAN development, refinement, and exercising
    • Counterintelligence, Insider Threat, and Supply Chain Risk Management
    • Training and support to Law Enforcement and National Guard 
    • Pretty much everything else

    Perspective & Experience

    We are an analyst-owned company founded in 2006 focusing on overcoming intelligence-related challenges, with expertise in all aspects of analytical support to all mission sets, globally.

    • Highly respected personnel within the intelligence Agencies
    • Mission focused and analyst oriented
    • Our analysts are empowered to be flexible and meet the ever changing needs of the community

    Something Different

    Intelligence Analysis, Inc. is one of the few companies founded by analysts that is still owned, managed, and led by analysts.

    We are actively supporting improvement in the community  through innovation and collaboration.

    Join us at the soon-to-be deployed analyst-related discussion site;

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    About the Photographs

    Our Analysts are also recreational photographers. All non-stock photos on this site were taken by our employees in and around the D.C. Metro Area and are copyright Intelligence Analysis, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.