Why Consider iAI?

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Arlington National Cemetary (C) IAI 2017

We're a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business

We're proud of our military heritage, and we are honored that the vast majority of our employees have military backgrounds, most with operational deployment experience.

We've Been Supporting the IC and Department of Defense Since 2006

Our support has been global and across all disciplines.  Our Past Performance speaks for itself, and we're ready to help you solve the most difficult challenges

We're Recognized for our Excellence

Our employees have received numerous accolades from customers for their positive attitudes, flexibility, expertise, and dedication to the mission, including individual and team Director of National Intelligence awards

We're Not Focused Elsewhere

Our founder has over 30 years experience as an analyst in the IC and continues to serve as an intelligence Subject Matter Expert. Our goal at IAI is to help the community overcome challenging intelligence issues and help our employees to develop their skills.  

We Care About our Employees

We believe in two things - the mission, and the person doing the work.  Our employees appreciate our leadership style, limited overhead, and flat organizational structure.  We're limber and flexible at the corporate level, which allows our employees to be that way on site.  Ask a current or former member of the IAI team what they think of the company.